If an applicant is unable to satisfy the criteria of employment history, residential history, or established credit, a guarantor (co-signer) may be required for approval.

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When you move into Pinewood Estates you'll be moving into a community that prides itself on being positive, healthy, and safe. Every resident has a full background check completed to ensure the safety of all who reside and visit. This is conducted once we receive your application and credit report.


The application, credit report and background check typically take 2-5 business days. Once we have received all of these items in our office, we will contact you. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Pinewood Estates community.


The application process

To qualify at Pinewood Estates your rent may not exceed 30% of your gross income, and rent plus monthly expenses may not exceed 50% of your gross income. Your income must be verified.


Positive rental history and established credit required.

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